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Adventure Travel Tales and Photos of Thailand

Tales and photos of Thailand - Bangkok, Chiang Mai, the Similan Islands,
and a trek in the remote north

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If there's only one thing to know about Thailand, it is that the people here are as friendly as anywhere on earth. They are peaceful, happy, outgoing people that are a pleasure to be with. Thailand, of course, is also world reknowned for great food.

Photos on this page were from two trips to Thailand. The first time was late in 1999, and the second in November of 2001. The second trip included a trek in northern Thailand - west of Chiang Mai, where various villages were visited. Subsequently, a trip was made to Phuket for a day of scuba diving in the Similan Islands - considered by many to be some of the best diving in the world. A day was also spent in Phang Na, a national park consisting of beautifully scenic islands that jut dramatically out of the Andaman Sea. Here it is possible to canoe around these interesting islands, many of which have caves that open in the interior of the islands to intesting lagoons.

About 95% of the Thai people are Buddhist. At age 20, all Thai Buddhist men are required to become monks for at least six months. Many remain monks for many years. This has a deep influence on Thai culture, helping to make this a serene society.

There are many different cultural groups within Thailand, most having migrated into Thailand from surrounding areas such as Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and even China. In northern Thailand, there are Lisu, Karen, Akha, Lahu, and Hmong to name a few of the tribal groups. Each of these groups have their own customs, religious beliefs, and language. We hope you enjoy these photos of Thailand.

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